Cheap $3 Firefly Toy is Awesome

My kids giggled ecstatically as they watched the colorful LED lights spin back to earth against the evening sky, each trying to catch it before it landed. This simple toy I picked up on a whim turned out to be a real winner, and the best part: it was only three dollars!

toy-firefly-pack Every once in a while you stumble upon a toy that is so simple and delightful you wonder why it’s not in every child’s toy box. The ‘Firefly’ (also sold under other names) is a rubber band-launched helicopter with LED lights. It’s little more than a plastic wing with a light and a rubber band launcher. The toy can be launched some 40 feet in the air, then twirls back to earth shining with it’s bright LED.

A couple of caveats: The LED circuit in my flyer was a little touchy and the lights would go out occasionally. Also, use caution! Make sure that you are using it in an unobstructed area to avoid kid collisions. Other than that this toy packs a lot of wow for just a few dollars.

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Floating Art Show


Celebrate your kid’s art from a new perspective

If your household is anything like mine you have your kids art hanging on the walls all over your house. Here’s an interactive way for you and your kids to enjoy their art in a new way. Pick a few of your favorite works of art and create a floating art show with helium balloons. Not only will you enjoy creating this project  but you also get to enjoy and celebrate their special works of art.


What you’ll need: 1 helium tank (such as the balloon time kit), some balloons, fun tak, thread or ribbon and a few examples of your kids’s best works of art.


Balloon time helium tank


For each piece of art, inflate a balloon and tape the ribbon or thread to the upper corners of the piece, then tether the bottom with a thread and anchor it to the floor with some fun tak.  Now adjust the height of the displayed piece of art to meet the child’s eye level.

Chain a few pieces together to make a wall of art.  You can tape a ribbon or thread between adjacent pieces to keep them from rotating. Now keep going until you run out of helium, balloons or art!

Try a 360 degree spinner

Hanging 3 pieces of art together in a triangle gives a 360 degree walk around view

Take 3 smaller pieces of art and tape them together in a triangle configuration.  Then use several balloons to float the display from the center, allowing the pictures to spin freely.  I used a latex balloon in the center of the triangle to help it to keep it’s shape.

Not only will your kids love constructing the art show with all those balloons, but it also lets the kids and adults enjoy their art in a new way!

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