Silly Putty Replicator

Silly Putty Replicator


Make wax replicas of everyday stuff using silly putty molds and crayons.

Who needs a 3D printer to replicate household items? By making impressions in silly putty and filling the mold with melted crayons you can make replicas of coins, toy soldiers, small toys and more. Of course parental participation / supervision is required for this one.

Step 1

Roll silly putty into a ball and press the object into the putty then remove. Toys without a lot of intricate shapes will work best.


Step 2

Remove the paper from a crayon and slowly melt in a metal or pyrex glass container. Microwaving will not work well since the crayon has very little density. Try slowly heating on a stovetop or in an oven until the crayon is just melted, not too hot!  Remember to be extremely cautious since the wax and container will be very hot!


Step 3

Carefully pour the wax into the mold and let it cool. Slowly remove the wax from the putty. If some of the putty sticks to the wax take a piece of putty and blot the wax, pulling off the wax.


Step 4

There is no step 4! Go play with your newly minted treasures.

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