The projects you’ll find here are meant to challenge children technically and creatively while captivating their attention.  Most projects can be done by younger children when guided by a parent or independently for older children.  The complexity is up to you.  Most projects can be very simple or very complex depending on your child’s skill and how they work best.  You know best, so tweak the projects as needed and don’t forget to share your experiences and result with the rest of us!  Each project page will have it’s own user section where you can discuss and share with the community.

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Check out these great projects:

  • Paper Birds

    Beautiful Paper Birds (that fly!)

    Paper airplanes are fun to build and fly and can serve as a physics lesson as well. We’ve long been inspired by the flight of birds and look for ways to replicate it. In this quick …

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  • Silly Putty Replicator

    Silly Putty Replicator

    Make wax replicas of everyday stuff using silly putty molds and crayons.
    Who needs a 3D printer to replicate household items? By making impressions in silly putty and filling the mold with melted crayons you can …

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  • ipad-ebook-cover3

    Turn your child’s drawings into an eBook to share

    My son loves books, so much that he will create his own books, color them and even bind them with a stapler. As a parent I love to share these treasures with family.  In this project we …

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  • DSC_0839

    Floating Art Show

    If your household is anything like mine you have your kids art hanging on the walls all over your house. Here’s an interactive way for you and your kids to enjoy their art in a …

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  • IMG_3666 copy

    Make your own cartoon

    As a kid, I always wanted to make my own cartoons. Flip books were the only option for a kid with my resources and while the effect was neat, the process was painful. Create a …

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  • compare-birds copy

    3D printing without the 3D printer

    There’s so much buzz around 3d printing and with good reason. 3d printing opens up a new world of possibilities the way that standard home printers did for desktop publishing. Just as we marveled long …

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