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SparkWonder is dedicated to developing kid’s creative and analytical minds through engaging projects, informative articles for parents and a bit of inspiration. Read the Blog, explore Projects, Share your thoughts.



Encourage your child’s Inner Scientist.


Nurture their creative spirit.


Ignite curious minds with amazing projects.

With such a heightened focus on classroom achievement, higher standards, testing and STEM disciplines, we are overlooking one of our most effective tools. Perhaps the greatest advantage our children have is their natural creativity and individuality. We learn best through discovery and allowing our minds to connect the dots and this is an area we can focus on at home.

We need to start early, nurture our young learner’s minds with a combination of arts and science.  Not only to teach art and to teach science but to look at the world with both sides of our brains.  To explore these halves simultaneously and to stimulate the whole mind. Discovery and Imagination, Engineering and Aesthetic, Structure and Design.

SparkWonder is about inspiring our school age children with a mix of projects, products and information that draw from both science and the arts.  As the community of SparkWonder grows you’ll find new projects, crafts and activities tapping computers, photography, electronics, music, programming and much more.  I hope you’ll join me and together we will share our experiences, trials and joys.

…hope to see you inside :)

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SparkWonder added to bloglovin!

SparkWonder added to bloglovin!

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