Beautiful Paper Birds (that fly!)

Paper Birds

Beautiful paper bird paper airplanes that fly

Paper airplanes are fun to build and fly and can serve as a physics lesson as well. We’ve long been inspired by the flight of birds and look for ways to replicate it. In this quick project we will build paper birds and make them fly, a simple mix of form and function that kids can appreciate.

Paper Birds

2 versions of paper bird paper airplanes

For this project we will need printed paper, scissors, tape and a paper clip.

paper bird materials

1. Start by cutting the four feathers to form each of the wings.  Fan out and tape at the base so they stay in place.

paper bird wing cut-tape

Cutting the wings for a paper bird paper airplane

2. Make the body / tail feather.  The body and tail piece will be two separate pieces so that we can extend the tail to different lengths to tweak its flight.

paper birds parts

3. Tape the feathers to the body to form the wing, then bend the wings down half way.

paper birds tape wings

attaching the wings to our paper bird paper airplane

4. Slide the tail piece into the body and bend the end upward to form the tail.  Place a paper clip on the bottom towards the front that will hold the two pieces together and add weight.

paper bird profile

Profile view of the assembled paper bird paper airplane

5. Now with a few adjustments you can get your bird flying pretty well.  Try changing the length of the tailpiece and adjusting the location of the paper clip.  If the bird is looping straight up into the air, move the paper clip forward and extend the tail a bit, if the bird is sinking, try the opposite.  Enjoy your beautiful creation and build a flock!

I’ve made a few variations of this design inspired by different birds.  Happy flying!

paper bird swift

Pink paper bird paper airplane

paper bird cardinal

Cardinal bird paper airplane

paper bird front

front view of the paper bird paper airplane


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