Book Review: Sparking Student Creativity


Today I wanted to share a brief review of the book Sparking Student Creativity: Practical Ways to Promote Innovative Thinking and Problem Solving (found here).  I recently came across this book published by the ASCD and felt it deserved a read.

Here’s a excerpt from the ASCD:

In Sparking Student Creativity: Practical Ways to Promote Innovative Thinking and Problem Solving, author and researcher Patti Drapeau explores and explains research related to creativity and its relevance in today’s standards-based, critical thinking–focused classroom.

Even though this book is meant for educators I felt the topic was so compelling that it was worth the read.  In fact, this book is chock full of practical examples for teachers to inspire creativity in the classroom across an array of subject matter.  But more than that Patti Drapeau touches on some key principles of creativity that all parents could benefit from. Below are a few takeaways that I found invaluable:

  • Creativity can be intentional.

Many people believe that a person is born as creative or analytical and there’s no way to rebalance.  Patti shows that creativity is a muscle that grows with exercise, and that creativity can be an intentional aspect of learning.

  • Help Minimize the Fear of Failure.

Most children are eager creators, but over time lose their interest.  This is often due to the fact that as we mature and become more self-aware we also fear criticism and failure.  Helping your child build resiliency will help their ability to create without fear and stay connected with their interests.

  • Fluency, Flexibility and Connecting Unrelated Ideas

Finally, this Sparking Student Creativity emphasizes some important aspects of the creative process to practice with children.  Fluency- creating many ideas, flexibility- modifying those ideas, and being able to connect unrelated ideas in interesting ways all help build creative muscle.

Teachers and parents with an interest in cultivating children’s creativity will certainly appreciate this book!





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